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Frequent Ask Questions

Q1: What is the dress code?
  • Please dress semi-formal to all morning and evening services (Saturday through Wednesday). Men are encourage to wear dress shirts, dress pants and sport jackets. Women are encouraged to wear blouses, dress pants, and dresses.
  • Sunday night is Mission Rally, everyone is encouraged to wear Hmong or ethnic clothings.
  • Saturday Opening Program at 2PM is casual. All attendees are encouraged to wear the 40th Anniversary T-shirts. T-shirts can be purchased at the vendor area.

    Q2: Is the event free?
  • Morning and evening services are open to all visitors at no cost, but you have to register on site for insurance purposes.
  • Strategy sessions during the day are reserved only for delegates at $110 per accredited delegate and $60 per correspoding delegate.

    Q3: Is parking free?

  • There are parking structures across the street and below the Kellogg Center at $10 per entry. For example, if you leave for lunch and need to return, you'll need to repay an additional $10.

    Q4: What is the schedule for the conference?

  • You can download our Apps by installing Attendify then search for the hkm40 icon.
  • You can view the full detail schedule by clicking the schedule tab on this website or CLICK HERE.

    Q5: Are there food vendors onsite?

  • Unfortunately, food cannot be purchased onsite. The only available option is coffee and baked goods. Downtown St. Paul has great food options that are close by. In additon, Hmong Village and Hmong Town are a few miles away.

    Q6: What do I need to bring to the services?

  • You're encouraged to bring your Bible. We will also have love offerings during the evening services.

    Q7: What sleeping arrangement options are there?

  • Our conference has blocked off hotel rooms that can be booked in advance at InterContinental, Holiday Inn, and Best Western Plus. CLICK HERE.

    Q8: How many banquets are there and who can attend?

  • There are four banquets during the conference:
  • 1) The Hmong District Welcome banquet on Saturday dinner is free for our overseas guests, DEXCOM, staff, pastors & spouses, pastor's widows. Everyone else can attend by registering at $40/person.
  • 2) The OTS banquet on Sunday lunch is FREE and open to all, but it's CLOSED now.
  • 3) The Alliance Women banquet on Sunday dinner is open to all at $40/person.
  • 4) The HCI banquet on Tuesday dinner is open to MSP instructors, DEXCOM, Staff, and graduates only.

    Q9: Is there child care onsite?

  • There is a Vacation Bible School (VBS) onsite for children age 4-12. You can bring your kids and register them onsite at $20/child. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

    Q10: If I cannot make it to the conference, can I watch the celebration online?

  • Yes, we will LIVE stream the morning and evening services at HKM WEBSITE and HKM FACEBOOK

    If you have any additional questions, please send us an email at: EMAIL or contac us via facebook messenger at: FACEBOOK.